New Mexico History Museum

Located on the north side of the Santa Fe Plaza, the New Mexico History Museum occupies three inter-connected buildings: the iconic Palace of the Governors (1610), Pete Domenici Building (2009), and Fray Angélico Chávez History Library (1907). Within this campus, visitors will find a range of traditional museum offerings such as exhibitions, tours, educational programs, lectures, and special events. In addition, the museum is home to unique entities such as the Palace Photo Archives, Palace Press, and Native American Artisans Portal Program. The museum’s extensive collection of artifacts, maps, books, and photographs sets the table for engaging discussions about what has happened in New Mexico—and why—over many centuries.

Our challenge is to expand public access beyond our campus in Santa Fe and to help an increasingly diverse audience connect with New Mexico history. We must tell more stories from throughout the state while linking the history of our state with the wider world. As outlined below, the campaign will ensure that the New Mexico History Museum can broaden its relevance in an ever more complex environment.

Update the Museum’s Permanent Exhibitions

This project will update Telling New Mexico the museum’s core exhibition. Revisions will focus on clarifying conditions in New Mexico at the time of statehood and better explaining trends and events of the 20th century. In addition, an exhibition about the Palace of the Governors will be installed in that building.

Initiate a Robust Schedule of On-line Content and Changing Exhibitions

Our objective is to plan, design, and install exhibitions in each of the museum’s 8 changing galleries in conjunction with regular on-line interpretive content. Content will draw on material in our collections, community engagement, and interest in the historical underpinnings of contemporary issues. Collateral projects may include traveling exhibits, publications, special programs, and documentaries.

Expand and Strengthen the Museum’s Unique Programs

A third area of emphasis will improve access to our photographic and library collections, expand educational outreach, and strengthen special programs. The museum will also increase use of our auditorium by showcasing films made in or about New Mexico.

Strengthen Management of Historic and Archeological Resources

The Palace of the Governors and Chavez History Library are significant historic structures that require professional guidance to ensure they are cared for in a timely, appropriate, and cost-effective manner. Updated assessments, work recommendations, and cost estimates are needed. Funding is also needed to complete and publish a report summarizing archeological investigations at the Palace of the Governors.